The Labyrinth

by Omega Point

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We descend upon a darkened room, sporadically illuminated by the illustrious death rattles of a gently swaying light globe. The room is devoid of any objects bar Iannis Maiandros who lies unconscious, shivering, and coiled in the foetal position in the room’s centre.

Maiandros begins to stir as the automotive surges of the world outside pervade his senses. These sounds act as an anchor, drawing him slowly out of the depths of incapacity. He opens his eyes, but finds himself disoriented by the unfamiliar settings surrounding him.

Neural processes misfire, springing off tangent memories as his brain desperately tries to latch onto his last lucid moment. Where his mind had failed, he found comfort in the familiar pulses of adrenaline beginning to permeate his being – instinct was taking over, marking his will for survival.

Maiandros rises to his feet unsteadily, still trying to shake the clutches of comatose comfort.

“What is this place”, he thought to himself.
“Where am I”?


released July 9, 2012

All tracks written, performed and engineered by Troy Koglin and Tristan Maugueret. Recorded at 'The Labyrinth' : aka Russell St Studios



all rights reserved


Omega Point Melbourne, Australia

Born out of a mutual fascination of the unique human condition, at its very core lies an intricate mix of progressive muscianmanship, psychedelic-fuelled rantings, and the desire to make a change.


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Track Name: Imprimis
...first steps onto a strange path, yet so much is familiar...
Track Name: The Death of Forever
Burying the casket of our primal mind,
melding All and One back together into what we used to be.
Track Name: Coiled Serpent
...and from Swadhisthana, Manipura emerges...
Track Name: Antipodes
Beware the bearers of false gifts, who will tempt us with their broken promises.

Lyrics inspired by the 2002 Crabwood Farm Formation, Hampshire, UK.

Spoken word by Terence McKenna (Another Dead Hero).
Track Name: Inner Paths to Outerspace
...the Choice draws ever closer...
Track Name: Enter the Labyrinth
As I look down at this remote control in my hand,
it seems to me that every button says 'God'.
Track Name: The Space In Between
...we are Kings and Queens at the table of Infinity...
Track Name: Future Echoes
When we were young we believed in the power of what we couldn't see,
but now we've forgotten how to believe.
Track Name: The Morning Dawn
...every Man and Woman is a Star...
Track Name: The Lotus Memoirs
"Bury me in a nameless grave.
I came from God, the World to save.
I bought them wisdom from above; Worship and Liberty and Love.

They slew me for I did disparage therefore, Religion, Law, and Marriage.
So be my grave without a name,
that the Earth may shallow up my shame."

-Aleister Crowley (The Great Beast Speaks, 1920)
Track Name: Moebius
...Eternity is not a closed circle, but a single point.
You are that point...